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Kirk and Spock
Gene Roddenberry invented the Universe and Characters of Star Trek. Paramount/Viacom currently has the right to make money off of them. The rest of us have the right of love. We hold the katra of Star Trek now. We Remember.

In a culture that celebrates violence, we worry that sexual knowledge poses a threat to children. Stories labeled "adult" contain scenes of explicit sex between men--or aliens. By reading them, you assert that you are 18 and/or of legal age to read such material in your own community, and that it does not offend you. This warning ought to read: Beware! If you read sexual fantasy before you get the real thing figured out, you may be in for some serious disappointments.

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Star Trek Stories

New! Courts of Honor (adult)
The long awaited online version of Syn's novel Courts of Honor, for the first time with the original illustrations. Thank you to Suzan for the privilege. Multiple file formats available — see links below the cover illustration.

The Price (adult)
Originally printed in The Price and The Prize. This is the prequel to the novel Courts of Honor, and appears here with the original illustrations. Thank you to Gayle for the privilege. Please right-click to download a PDF version, a Kindle version, or an epub version.

Joyboy (adult)
Originally printed in Before the Glory.

Freedom Is Standing in the Light
Originally printed in Sun and Shadow.

Taaz Avine (adult)
Originally printed in The Price and the Prize. Now with original NSFW artwork!

Valley of Shadows
Originally printed in Sun and Shadow.

Starsky & Hutch Stories

Ebb Tide

Rescued and scanned by Kath Moonshine. Thanks, Kath! Originally printed in Code 7, Volume 3.

Heatwave (adult)
Originally published as a stand-alone zine.