Sleeping Beauty

Once Upon a Time
there was a Prince.
And maybe when he was born
he was surrounded by a cloud
of the Good Sort of Faeries,
who gifted him with
a cute Nose,
and Toes,
and a Piercing Gaze,
and a really Wicked Sense of Humor
and maybe there weren't.
He says he can't remember,
and certainly nobody else can.

And maybe the only Evil Faery
was Fate
that put him into a deep and dreamless state,
where his heart slept,
though his body waked and walked.

And those around him didn't sleep,
they just died.
Over and over and over.
And that probably helped
to put the Fire out
and build the insurmountable
Wall of Thorns.

And the Charming Prince came,
sword in hand,
(sent by one of the Good Ones)
expecting a Simple Man,
And finding instead Another Prince,
with the cute Nose and Toes,
and a Come-hither Stare.
And though the Charming Prince
was ready to fight and defend
the Sleeping Prince
from the rough-voiced Dragon,
the Sleeping Prince,
(who'd woken up a bit
at the sight of the Charming Prince)
had Other Ideas
and put the Dragon in a cage,
with the help of some local militia.

And it wasn't exactly
How Things Are Done,
but the now Waking Prince
liked the look of the Charming Prince,
and decided he didn't want
to take the Risk.

And then the Waking Prince left,
perhaps thinking that
the Waking Life wasn't so Safe.
But the Fire burned
and he returned to warm himself
at the Flame.

And the Wall of Thorns
was still there,
each prickly bit of it.
And the Waking Prince jabbed
a few of them into the Charming Prince
But some bits were softer than others,
and the Charming Prince fought closer.
And sometimes the Waking Prince
let him close,
and sometimes he pushed him away,
and sometimes they both
took a Few Steps Back.

But I believe they both
Lived Ever After.

The End.