Psyched and Love (Death)

"Um, excuse me. Isn't this more of a myth than a faery tale?"

<withering look> "Listen, you want to hear the story, or not?"

"You mean I have a choice?"

Once Upon a Time...
there were Two
who Loved.
And though Psyched
wasn't a sacrifice
(except for Love)
he loved Love
very much,
even though Love
hid himself away,
for the most part.

And Love didn't have wings,
though he fluttered about
here and there,
never staying long.

And there was a Woman.
Not a sister, but she had
over Psyched
and whispered to him
of the Monster
he Loved.

And though he didn't
believe her
he was Curious.

So he took the Lamp
of Truth
and pinned Love down
and shone it full
in Love's face
and saw completely
the Terrible Beauty
that was Love(Death)

And Love(Death),
And Psyched,
struggling to find
for them Both.

And the woman who was not
Psyched's sister
followed too,
sick with Hate and Rage,
and Disbelief
that Psyched
didn't hate
after seeing
his True Face.

And there were Trials
to be overcome,
and Tests
to be passed,
and Lessons
to be learned
all the way around.

And having won through them all,
Psyched and Love(Death)
that sometimes
True Love still has trouble
a Shattered Trust.

But I believe they both
lived Ever After.

The End.