The Twelve Dancing Princes

Once Upon a Time...
There were

And they weren't related
by Blood,
but by Birth
and Death -- or the lack thereof.

And instead of Shoes,
they used Swords;
and when they Danced their hardest,
Someone died.

And there was
a Contest,
or perhaps a Game,
though no one knew
the Prize,
and the Way to Win
was Bloody.

And there was an Eldest
and a Youngest
and all those
In Between.
And there was
a Scottish Prince.

And He followed
the Princes
and They Danced.
And They didn't
see Him coming
as he made his Way
through their Ranks.

And one Prince
hated the Scottish Prince
for destroying
His Plans, and
His Voice,
and he died in the end.

And Another Prince
pretended to be
the Eldest
and was avenged
by the Youngest
who thought
the Eldest
was Less Than Impressive.

And a Third Prince
Lost his Mind
until the Scottish Prince
made him find it.
And though the Prince
didn't die,
he Wanted to.

And Another Prince
lost his Princess,
and Hunted
for Vengeance.
And the Scottish Prince
tried to help,
and was Raped
for his trouble,
with the help
of the Eldest,
who didn't know
Who He Was,

And the Eldest Brother
of the Eldest Prince
found his Brother,
who led him to
his Other Brothers
and away from
the Scottish Prince,
who followed

And the Other two Brothers
came Hunting
for the Scottish Prince,
but one became Prey,
sending the Other
back to their Brother
in Disgrace.

And that Prince
and his Brother
died together,
when the Eldest decided
he didn't like his Brothers
quite as much
as he liked
the Scottish Prince.

And Yet Another Prince
came for the Scottish Prince
as So Many do.
And the Eldest
tried to cut in
on their Dance,
but the Scottish Prince
And then they didn't finish
the Dance
which utterly confused
the Other Prince
and annoyed
and amused
the Eldest.

One of the Last Princes
was a Poet
whose Fire had died.
The Eldest
asked for his Life,
but the Scottish Prince
took it anyway.
And the Eldest knew
How it would End.

And the Youngest Prince
was dear to the Scottish Prince,
and his Death
nearly destroyed the Scot,
who was
his Murderer.
And Yet the Eldest
wouldn't help
the Scottish Prince atone.

And the Final Prince
nearly won the Game
as far as the Scottish Prince
was concerned.
But the Eldest
broke the Rules again
He was Like That.

And in The End
it was just
the Eldest
the Scottish Prince
or so I Believe.

And I also believe they both
lived Ever After.

The End.