The Rog Prince

Once Upon a Time
there was a Princess
who was wooed by Death,
from both sides.
Death found her where she lived,
but she found an Immortal Death
in a pool of beer in a blues bar,
and she enchanted him.

And he offered her Life
for as long as she had,
as long as she lived it with him,
and let him be her companion,
and play-fellow.
And she tried to refuse,
not being to sure about
this Guy who came out
of Nowhere,
not believing that she
could refuse Death.
And she was right.

And he did Cute, and
he made her laugh.
And for a time he returned to her
the golden bauble she'd thought
she'd lost,
and made it brighter and bouncier
and more than she thought she had.

Yet her other suitor persisted,
and the Prince tried to fight,
seeking other baubles
that would send away
the Uninvited Death,
but they were lost
in the water,
(and might not
have worked, anyway)

And then she died,
but Death lived
and knew it was better
to have known her
and loved her,
than not.
For it opened his heart again,
and left him ready for
the Next Time
when the Prince found him.

And I believe they both
Lived Ever After.

The End.