Jack the Giant Killer

Once Upon a Time
There was a Giant
And a Jack.
Although Jack wasn't a Jack at all,
And the Giant wasn't overly large.
But he had Presence.

And there wasn't a widowed Mother
Though there was a Woman of Power
And Jack didn't make a Bad Deal
for a Cow
though he did lose a Horseman
for a while
and got only Pain in return.
And the Woman thought him a Fool
for missing the Horseman
whom she wanted Dead.

And there was no Beanstalk,
though the Horseman
left a Trail
that Jack followed.
And the Woman came, too,
to keep an Eye on them both.
And Jack didn't meet the Giant's Wife,
though he did kill his Brother.

And instead of a Hen and Golden Eggs,
there was a Horseman who laid Lies
or so Jack thought.
And instead of a singing Harp,
there was the Woman's Voice,
which did indeed entrance
those who could Hear,
though the Giant only laughed.

And the Giant hoarded his own kind
of Treasure.
And instead of wanting to keep it
for Himself
he wanted to share with the Whole World,
first in a small way, and then building,
because he was Generous that way.

And Jack freed the Woman,
who had gotten caught.
And he freed the Horseman,
who was trapped
in a Cage of Blood.
And he killed the Giant,
not by hacking down a Beanstalk,
but by cutting off his head.

And Jack
and the Horseman
went their separate ways
for a time.
But that's Another Story.

And I believe they both
Lived Ever After.

The End.