Handsome and Great One

Once Upon a Time...
there were two
Handsome and Great One.
And they came from
a Broken Home
if you consider that Home
is where the Heart is.

And there was
a Witch
who wanted Handsome's Head,
but she was rather fond
of Great One.

And when Handsome
left a trail,
perhaps in hopes of mending
their Broken Home,
Great One followed,
and the Witch came too,
not trusting Great One to do
the Right Thing.

And for the most part,
Great One did do
the Witch's Bidding,
but it was what he wanted,

And the trail led them
the Terrible Forest,
with its Fierce Beasts
and Dark Secrets.
But the Signs were clear,
though the Witch refused
to See them.

And instead of Handsome
being put in a cage,
the Witch was imprisoned
(though he was in one, too,
the kind without bars)
And maybe, sometimes,
Great One wasn't exactly sure who
was being fattened for the kill.

But in the end,
only the Monsters
Although it was a
Close Thing for Handsome
for awhile.

but Great One stopped
the Witch,
and Handsome
and Great One
were left to make their way
back Home.

And I believe they both
lived Ever After.

The End.