Once Upon a Time
there was an Old Man
who was found by his Family.
And maybe he was forced
and maybe he wasn't ­ either now or Before.
And his Brothers were a mixed lot,
but then, what Family isn't?

And it was a knife
rather than a wand,
that turned him from Just a Guy
into CinderFella;
And there was no going back
once Prince Charming knew,
only Going On.

And the Fairy Godmother
wasn't very fond of him
(with Good Reason).
But she brought along Prince Charming, anyway
(Who wasn't exactly happy with him, either)

And there wasn't a ball.
And there were no glass slippers.
But his life was too tight
Until his Brother took it.
And he left well before midnight
because it had all turned to shit already.
And maybe he had a plan,
but maybe he just improvised.

But Prince Charming hunted him,
whatever he believed.
And his Family died to free him.
And maybe he was sorry,
and maybe he wasn't,
but he helped.

And when the Fairy Godmother
wanted him to die
Prince Charming wanted him to live.
And since He was the Hero,
He got his Wish.
Though she wasn't very happy about it,
wanting a clean slate.

And to live was something
CinderFella wanted,
almost as badly as he wanted
Prince Charming,
and maybe more.

And the Prince wasn't entirely thrilled
with his Prize once he got it,
as we so often aren't when we get
That for which we've wished.

But I believe that they both
lived Ever After.

The End.