Little Boy Blue

Once Upon a Time
maybe Little Boy Blue
was on his way to Grampa Joe's,
to drink his beer
and eat his peanuts,
and generally make
an adorable nuisance
of himself
or maybe not.

In any case,
there wasn't a mother
or a basket,
but there was a Big Bad Wolf
with a scarred eye
and a leering smile,
and he carried Little Boy Blue
off the well-trod path
and into the Deep Dark Forest
where unspeakable things occurred.

And maybe at one time
Little Boy Blue had gone willingly,
had stepped off the path
to play with Monsters,
and be a Monster himself,
but he'd changedhadn't he?

In any case,
he'd met the Hunter,
who didn't really know Little Boy Blue
all that well, but maybe
thought he did ­ or wanted to.
Because the Hunter had
kind of a thing
for Little Boy Blue, in spite of
the difference in their ages
(which was really
kind of appalling)

And so the Hunter followed
Little Boy Blue and the Monsters
into the Forest.
And of course he won.
But he could never look
at Little Boy Blue
in quite the same way
which was probably a Good Thing
for them both,
as the Hunter
had begun to realize
that the Path wasn't quite
as well-marked as he had thought,
and that the Forest
and the Monsters
can come from Within
as well as Without.

And Little Boy Blue
had begun to realize
that the Monsters
Within and Without
can jump out at you
even when you think
you're safe,
and that it's not
a Bad Idea
to have a Hunter around
when you need one
(especially if he's kind
of cute)

And both realized
that it's good to have
a Friend to walk with
along the Path
or under the Trees.

And I believe they both
Lived Ever After.

The End.