Bone White

Once Upon a Time...
Bone White went to live
with a group of folk
who weren't short,
and who didn't work in mines,
but rather peered and noted and stored
and all in all had a pretty good time
except when they didn't.
And there were rather more than seven,
and they took Bone White in.
And he searched and scribed
and studied for them,
and they let him want
for Nothing.
And he hadn't met the Hunter yet,
who would also turn out to be
the Prince.

And maybe the Evil Stepbrother
(who had no more beautiful side
than his own scarred reflection)
hadn't sent Bone White away
to be killed out of jealousy,
but maybe Bone White
had instead escaped
his Own Family
when things got too awful,
or maybe he just got bored.
But maybe he let his
Evil Stepbrother
believe he was dead.

And on learning that Bone White yet lived,
perhaps through a magic looking-glass,
the Evil Stepbrother tracked him down,
for as long as Bone White lived,
the Evil Stepbrother could have no rest
without him.
And he didn't bother with a disguise,
or tight laces,
or poisoned comb,
or poisoned apples,
but merely shoved the blade home,
killing Bone White and bringing him back
at the same time.
And then the Evil Stepbrother
took Bone White and laid him
in a Coffin of Ice
that left him as Death.

And the Hunter, perhaps guilty
about having left Bone White alone
where the Monsters could find him,
and perhaps merely angry that
Bone White wasn't who the Hunter
had thought him to be,
and became the Prince.
And he and the Evil Stepbrother
looked into the magic looking-glass
of Each Other,
and they Hated.

And because Good
must always triumph over Evil,
the Hunter-Prince killed
the Evil Stepbrother,
who danced his rage
and burned in his own bile.
And the Prince shared Something
with Bone White
that wasn't exactly a Kiss
(but I have my own Ideas
about That)
And it shattered the Icy Coffin,
and Bone White put Death
behind him once again.

And I believe they both
Lived Ever After.

The End.