Beauty's Beast

Once Upon a Time...
there was a Beast
and there was
a Beauty.
And there was a Man
who was Brother
to the Beast
and Something
as much
or more
to Beauty.

And the only things growing
in the Garden of the Beast
were Death and Destruction
and a Monkey
or Two.

And it was only
the Beast trapped his Brother
that the Brother
went away,
but not before

For it wasn't Beauty's Father
who brought Beauty
into the clutches
of the Beast,
but the Beast's own
along with Beauty's
Sense of Duty
(and a bit of Betrayal)

And there were no
Invisible Servants,
only Unspoken
and Unspeakable

And at times it was hard
to tell just who was
the Beauty
and who was
the Beast,
for the Beast was not Noble
and Beauty was not Kind.
And the Brother played
Both Sides,
it seemed,
and would not Choose
until The End.

And the Beast
did not languish
for Beauty's lack.
And Beauty,
looking in the Mirror,
saw only Death.

And Beauty
the Beast,
choosing Death.

And I believe they both
Lived Ever After.

The End.